This is where you’ll find my goals, books being read, and quirky plans for the month. Keep on the lookout as it changes each month!


~October 2017~



October! Birthday month and all the best bits of Autumn wrapped in one!

I will definitely admit is has been a while since I’ve blogged about anything, much less my Monthly’s, haha! Moving and a whirlwind change in life will do that to anyone who isn’t among the highly-regimined!

My birthday was this last weekend, and it was so sweet! I have a couple ‘gifts to myself’ that I am spreading out over this month, and it’s my goal to see them through before November hits!

  • October is the first month for Dressember registration! My goal for this month is to decide on and nail down both a monetary goal for Dressember, and to finalize a team name! For more information on what Dressember is, visit them here and learn how YOU can join me to help end sex trafficking!
  • NaNoWriMo is coming!!! I am planning on participating and WINNING this year! My goal for October then is to outline and set a game plan so that should I start to fall behind, I’ve got a small sketch to help me get back on track and NAIL my 50k word count! My novel for 2017 will be the sequel to my first ever NaNo novel, Forbidden Words’, which I wrote back in 2010! The sequel’s title: ‘Song of Timarrih’.
  • There’s a Harry Potter festival in the middle of October, and I am excitedly planning on attending! Already working on my costume – though I have yet to decide if I’m going as my own version of a Hogwarts student or I’m going to cosplay a character from the books.
  • Currently Reading: The Interestings, Cinnamon and Gunpowder, Made for More.


Other plans for the month include: working on cooking at home more, blogging more, volunteering at Horizon Church (my new church here in town), visiting the farmer’s market, and generally doing very Fall-esque things! One cannot enjoy the Autumn too much, and I plan to do it all before it’s gone!











~June 2017~


It’s June already! JUNE!!! I can’t believe how much times has flown since I last posted here! Life has been crazy….but I still have goals for each month and am excited to see the progress I make with them!

  • Moving Plans – my friend Ali and I are going to be rooming together, and are looking for an apartment closer to work and downtown. We’d love to be inner-city hippies together! goal: find a place!
  • The Barista Life – transitioning to a new coffeehouse but still working hard on my latte art skills! goal: continue growing in my coffee shop business skills!
  • Horizon – I’ve gotten plugged in with a brand-new church and am loving it! We start up in September and it’s been so cool being a part of that process! goal: as  we build towards startup, find a way that I can shine the light of Christ with and to my fellow believers!
  • Writing – getting focused on working on my novels! I really want to take them further, so goal: being be tough on myself and edit/proof them like a professional and keep WRITING!
  • Currently Reading: Love Does, Scrappy Little Nobody, The Golem and the Jinni, Thunder and Lightning, (a writer’s craft book).
  • YARD SALE(?) I have so much stuff I want to get rid of, so I’m hoping to sell some at a yard sale, but we’ll see what happens!


As you can see, I’ve got a lot planned for my summer, excluding fun things like bike rides, coffee dates, work (hey, work can be fun!), and other ‘summery’ things. But hey, better have a big list than none at all, right?



~March 2017~


  • #commitdontquit – my goal this month is to work hard at being committed to getting closer to a healthy lifestyle – and while that *may* not be working out every day, it *is* being consistent in my choices every day.
  • Currently Reading: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore; The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up; Lucky You.
  • Purge my closet of un-wanted and rarely worn clothes and start my Capsule Wardrobe for Spring.
  • Make Corned Beef Brisket and Irish Soda Bread to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Start my kombucha home brew and be consistent with it since it’s delicious!