An Avocado (Brownie)…Thaaaanks!

Avocado brownies...nothing new to the funky health-food world. But I would like to claim that APPLE MINT avocado brownies are probably not something you see every day. They're definitely something I would EAT every day! My favorite dish to cook with AND bake with is cast iron. I LOVE my cast iron like nothing else. … Continue reading An Avocado (Brownie)…Thaaaanks!


Lemon-Zini Cake

I've been sharing a lot of recipes lately, and while this is not a food blog specifically, I promise they're for good reason. Just recently in September, I went to a wholistic, homeopathic practice and was told that I had major Candida overgrowth. Along with that news, MUCH of my already-fairly-strict diet was about to … Continue reading Lemon-Zini Cake