From the Page to the Pavement

We all have dreams, right?

What would life be without them?

We all also know how easy it is to let life steal those dreams. Life gets tough. money gets tight. We let our grip of our dreams loosen and eventually just lose hold of them altogether.

Well, I refuse.

My dream? To become a published author. To continue sharing my love of coffee. To do BOTH by opening and running my own bookstore-cafe, or BookCafe.

Or die trying.

Haha, just kidding…or am I?



I’m serious about taking my goals further and looking into the steps of making this dream come to fruition. I have fun weird quirky ideas for this BookCafe already. Used books that can be donated, earning free coffee. Discounts for saving the environment one ceramic cup or travel mug at a time. Books just for reading; books for sale. Local writers and artists featured at the store. Fun things like that.

But it takes real stuff to make dream stuff happen.

It takes getting the hard work and experience under my belt and becoming ‘Master Barista’ before that can happen. It takes money, and business sense.

It takes determination and elbow grease.

I know these things, and I know I don’t how just HOW much that really means.

If I did, would I still want to do this?


Because what’s the point of having passions if we don’t try to follow them? If God gives us a dream and the ways to reach it, why aren’t we giving it all we’ve got?

This is my dream, and as I learn more about the practical steps it’ll take in the next 10 years to reach this goal, I would love any prayers and advice and support you want to send me.

From the page to the pavement, one day I’ll get there. Can’t wait to cut that ribbon and pour that espresso. I’ll turn that page when I get to it, that’s for sure.


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