Audrey Hepburn of Cakes

Um, hello there….you piece of scrumptious heaven, you.




So this past week I got a hankering for ooey, gooey, chocolate cake.


But; being a gluten-free foodie, I had to figure out how to make something both delicious and digestible for my system.

Enter: MyBakingAddiction, the truly wonderful baking  world of food. I found an utterly divine video of a scrumptious chocolate espresso cake and quickly looked it up, hoping and praying that it wouldn’t be TOO difficult to switch out the ingredients for a GF girl and her weirdly stocked, limited pantry.

Guess what?! IT WASN’T!!

Not only was I able to substitute a combo of a few different GF flours (with added xanthum gum to mimic gluten’s elasticity), it baked SO well and was utterly TO DIE FOR.

And after whipping up a totally from-scratch, mixing-on-a-wing-and-a-prayer (and said random ingredients from weird pantry), I also glazed the heavenly dessert with a nutella, coffee, and heavy-cream frosting.

Can I just say again; um, YUM??

Below I will post for your benefit the adaptations I made to the recipe, and the link to the MBA video (and subsequent glory of chocolate and deliciousness).

The original recipe calls for 1-3/4 cups of flour but since I can’t eat that, and didn’t happen to have any Gf baking flour mix in the apartment, I opted for this weird mix, aaaaaand, it turned out pretty fantastic! The cake was still moist, yet sturdy not as dense as other gluten free baked goods sometimes are, and the texture was just that of a divine chocolate espresso cake. Mmm.

Instead of the 1-3/4c flour, use:
1c almond meal
3/4c rice flour
1Tbsp Tapioca flour
1tsp xanthum gum

Follow the rest of the recipe as instructed. Find the Facebook video and link to the full directions here:

MyBakingAddiction Chocolate Cake.

Now go enjoy an ooey, gooey, chocolate espresso cake! Eat it entirely by yourself, if you want to! (That may or may not be what I did.)

As Audrey Hepburn would say, “Let’s face it: a nice, creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.”

Bon appetit! ~*


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